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Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities sometimes referred to as on-site treatment and disposal facilities, are located on Snow Road near Elsie Collier Elementary School, at Nora Mae Hutchens Elementary School and Copeland Island. Onsite or decentralized wastewater management systems collect, treat and dispose of wastewater, at or near the point of generation. Environmentally better than septic tanks, the technology has enabled MAWSS and other utilities to bring sewer service to fast growing areas of the county without adding new sewer lines.

In 2005, MAWSS was awarded a $1.1 million grant from U.S. EPA for a demonstration project at Tricentennial Park that would utilize decentralized technology within the current collection system. More information on this innovation is available at the following link.

News Advisory on Tricentennial Park Project