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“Irrigation/Pool Service” is service exclusively used for the purposes of landscaping, yard irrigation, or filling swimming pools, providing that none of the water returns to the sanitary sewer system.

A back-flow preventer is required to protect the public water supply. The Board furnishes this device with the installation of all 5/8” and 1” irrigation meters. On larger meters, the requestor shall furnish and install a back-flow preventer meeting or exceeding A.S.S.E. #1015. Failure to install this device will initiate an interruption of service. Tampering with the device installed by MAWSS will result in an interruption of service and a penalty.

NOTE: The Board does not guarantee that double-head irrigation/pool meters can be installed at all locations requested. If conditions in the field create an additional expense, the customer will be notified and given the option to pay the additional expense or terminate the project with all prepaid fees being refunded.

Irrigation meter accounts are charged a minimum bill of $11.68 per billing period regardless of whether any outdoor water has been used.

Faucets, Hose bibs, sprinkler systems will be a separate installation made by the customer, plumbing contractor, or landscaping/irrigation professional.

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5/8" double head   $310.00 + $0.00 + $0.00 =$310.00
5/8" new tap    $600.00 + $50.00 + $0.00 = $650.00
1" double head    $420.00 + $0.00 + $700.00 = $1120.00
1" new tap    $650.00 + $55.00 + $700.00 = $1405.00
1.5"    installed at cost – backflow not provided
2"    installed at cost – backflow not provided
3"    installed at cost – backflow not provided
4"    installed at cost – backflow not provided

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Audit: All customers applying for an Irrigation/Pool Service shall agree to an audit of their domestic and irrigation/pool systems, if requested by MAWSS. Any customer violating the terms of this policy will be subject to a $1,000.00 penalty and will forfeit any future right to an irrigation/pool service.

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