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Frequently Asked Questions About Big Creek Lake at Fox Landing

Why was Big Creek Lake closed?
Big Creek Lake functions as a drinking water source. The Lake was closed when Giant Salvinia, an invasive species, was discovered at alarmingly high levels in June 2021. We maintained water quality while battling the invasion.

Will Big Creek Lake close again?
The Lake is open on a provisional basis. We will constantly monitor conditions at the Lake to determine feasibility.

How will payments work?
NO CASH.  You must use a credit or debit card at our kiosk. Fees are $10 to launch your boat and $1 to fish from the bank. There is no charge for use during June 2022.

My boat is clean. Why do I need to wash it?
Invasive species of any kind are expensive to combat. You MUST wash your boat before launch. Violators face the possibility of losing privileges at the Lake.

What can I do to help?
Help be our eyes at the Lake. Report sightings of patches of weeds or snails. Contact us; if you witness someone not adhering to the new guidelines, call (251) 694-3165.

When can I use Big Creek Lake?
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
6:00 a.m. until dusk.


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