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Living in the Watershed

What people do on land has the potential to impact the quality of water draining from that land.

Polluted runoff, also known as non-point source pollution, occurs when water washes over the land and picks up pollutants, sediments and other contaminants. Mobile County has implemented. subdivision regulations that include floodplain protections, storm water requirements, septic system and sewer hookup requirements and sediment control. You can help protect the watershed by doing the following:

  • Dispose of trash, household chemicals and batteries properly. Report illegal dumping to authorities.
  • Make sure your septic system is working properly.
  • Never pour grease down your drain! Grease blockages are a major contributor to sanitary sewer overflows. MAWSS makes free containers available for collecting used cooking grease through the "It's Easy to be Ungreasy" Grease Recycling Program
  • Limit use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Don't pour oil or other petroleum products on the ground.
  • Prevent land erosion and minimize rainfall runoff by planting appropriate plant cover on bare patches of ground.
  • Use best management practices when caring for cattle and other livestock. Clean up after pets.

Photography by: Mike Carmichael

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