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Latest Water Quality Report Available Now

Jun 3rd, 2024

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), or the Water Quality Report (WQR), is a crucial annual document mandated by the EPA. It provides comprehensive information on water quality supplied by the Mobile Water & Sewer System. The report meticulously details the presence and levels of contaminants in our drinking water. This vital information is made available to you by July 1st. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) diligently enforces these rules for the EPA. Any violations in 2023 are transparently included in the report. You can expect to receive your CCR on Saturday or Monday, June 3rd.

Accessing the CCR is easy and convenient. You can obtain copies at our Customer Service Center at 4725 Moffett Road. If you prefer, we can also send it to you by mail upon request. For instant access, the report is available here. Starting in 2025, you will receive the CCR twice yearly, on July 1st and December 31st.

Here's a small list of what is included:

  • A summary of the risk of contamination of the local drinking water source;
  • The regulated contaminant found in local drinking water;
  • The potential health effects of any contaminant detected in violation of an EPA health standard;
  • An educational statement for vulnerable populations about avoiding Cryptosporidium.

Monica Allen, Public Relations Manager, (251) 694-3100


Click here to view a PDF copy of this new release.

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