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MAWSS Capital Projects

2019 Annual Painting Contract Annual Painting Water Distribution System Service Area - Various Locations $126,070.00 3/22/2019  
Three Mile Creek SWAT's ThreeMile Creek Severe Weather Attenuation 1751 Boltz Lane $17,207,000.00 3/22/2019  
Calais-Paris-Baronne-Chartes Water Main Upgrade Water Main Upgrade Calais St., Paris Ave., Baronne St., & Chartres Ave. $283,839.00 5/6/2019 12/1/2019
4128 Government Blvd Sewer Point Repairs Sewer Point Repairs 4128 Government Street $78,814.00 5/6/2019 Complete
Annual SRF Water Meter Replacement Installation Phase 2 Water Meter Replacement - AMI System Water Distribution System Service Area $2,509,105.00 4/10/2019  
Halls Mill Trunk Sewer Extension New Installation of New 16" Sewer Forcemain West Mobile-Leroy Stevens Rd., Cottage Hill Rd., & Dawes Road $4,067,292.50 6/3/2019  
Three Mile Creek Trunk Sewer Upgrades Trunk Sewer Upgrades - Installation of New 60" Gravity Main

Three Mile Creek - From Mobile St. to Saint Stephens

$18,530,339.00 9/16/2019  
Wright Smith WWTP Primary Digester Cover Replacement Primary Digester Cover Replacement Wright Smith Plant - 1879 Conception Street $1,608,000.00 6/21/2019  
Eslava Lift Station Bar Screen Replacement Installation of New Bar Screens Eslava Lift Station - 1557 Sans Souci Rd. $1,957,400.00 7/8/2019  
Overlook Rd. Water Line Improvements Water Line Improvements Overlook Road - University Blvd. to Racine Ave. $1,160,464.00 7/15/2019  
Small Diameter Gravity Sewer CIPP Small Diameter Gravity Sewer CIPP Various Locations $794,825.00 9/16/2019  
Pine Run Subdivision Sewer Rehabilitation Sewer Rehabilation Pine Run Subdivision - West of Cody Rd. $216,065.00 8/20/2019  
2019 Annual Electrical Maintenance Contract Annual Electrical Maintenance Contract Water and Wastewater - System Wide $254,749.00 8/13/2019  
St. Francis Street Emergency Sewer Line & Water Line Replacement Emergency Sewer & Water Line Replacement St. Francis Street - Royal Street to St. Joseph Street $166,745.00 8/20/2019 Complete
Halls Mill Creek Sewer Abandonment Sewer Main Abandonment - Seal and Grout Fill Hillcrest Rd. to East of Demetropolis Rd. $597,197.72 9/27/2019  
2019 CWSRF Large Diameter Gravity Sewer CIPP CWSRF Large Diameter Gravity Sewer CIPP Project Various Locations $2,231,925.00 11/4/2019 4/1/2020
Royal Street Sewer Improvements Sewer Improvements Royal Street-Dauphin Street to Conti Street $191,787.00 10/29/2019 1/31/2020


More scheduled projects will be entered soon.


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