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Capital Projects Currently Under Construction

ARCGIS Map of all Capital Projects


Capital Projects Currently Under Construction

Magnolia Grove Lift Station and Force Main
Project Start Date: Mar 30th, 2022

An existing depressed gravity sewer main under the golf course is defective and prevents proper cleaning of the sewer. It is being replaced with a force main to...
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Augusta Lift Station Force Main Improvements
Project Start Date: Jan 15th, 2022

The new Augusta Lift Station Force Main will allow the Augusta Lift Station to be upgraded in capacity for the purpose of serving additional customers upstream of...
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H.E. Myers Water Treatment Plant Solids Handling Facility Renovations
Project Start Date: Jan 10th, 2022

This 32-year old building is being completely modernized with new equipment to dewater sludge produced during the process of converting raw water to potable water. ...
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Big Creek Lake Boat Wash Facility
Project Start Date: Sep 15th, 2021

The Big Creek Lake Boat Wash Facility is a necessary means of preventing invasive species from being transported into Big Creek Lake from other water bodies. All...
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Eslava Creek 48-inch Sewer Force Main Replacement – Phase 2
Project Start Date: Aug 9th, 2021

This project provides redundancy, longevity and added capacity to a 50-year old critical force main that runs parallel to I-10 from Eslava Creek to the Williams...
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