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Rates and Billing


Effective January 1, 2020, a capital infrastructure fee has been implemented to recover MAWSS’ additional debt service costs for large water and sewer improvement projects and annual repair and replacement of critical infrastructure needed to continue providing water and sewer service to all MAWSS customers. The capital infrastructure fee is a monthly fee based on a customers’ water meter size. The infrastructure fees related to meter sizes differ because larger meters have a larger impact on the system as related to treatment, conveyance, and storage. The water and sewer rate increases recover inflationary cost increases in operations and maintenance at MAWSS.

Current Rates - effective January 1, 2023

Basic Residential Rates For Water And Sewer Service
Consumption cost per 1000 gallons

  (in gallons) Water Sewer
For the first 2,000,000 3.74 9.34
For the next 8,000,000 3.33 9.34
Additional   2.59 9.34

2500 Gallon minimum is $11.77 for water and $27.48 for sewer, including administrative fee.



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