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C.C. Williams Wastewater Treatment Plant Dewatering Facility

Construction Projects
Ends: Dec 31st, 2099

A new sludge dewatering facility is being constructed at the C.C. Williams Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new facility will have greater capacity, reliability and efficiency than the existing older facility. Increased dewatering efficiency means reduced costs in hauling sludge. Sludge from both the Williams and Smith WWTPs will be processed in the new state-of-the-art facility.

Cost: $24.5 Million

Estimated Completion: March 2023

A crew erects a wall for the new facility.

A crew installed additional wall sections.

A second wall has been installed.

A crew installs some internal walls for the facility.

A view of the dewatering facility structure with some heavy machinery outside.

A view of the main structure of the dewatering facility.
A view of some tanks for the dewatering facility.

A wall of the dewatering facility being erected

A wide view of the new facility

An interior view of the new facility

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