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MAWSS collects and transports wastewater from homes and businesses to a MAWSS wastewater treatment plant.

Located on Mobile Bay, we know the importance of clean water to our quality of life.

The Sanitary Sewer Collection System consists of:

  • Approx. 3250 miles of sanitary sewer pipe including private laterals
  • Approx. 224 miles of pump station force mains and low pressure force mains 
  • 193 lift stations.
  • 3 Severe Weather Attenuation Tanks (SWAT) with capacity to hold 28 MG
  • 28,891 manholes
  • 2 Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 3 decentralized wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Halls Mill SWAB - a 20 million gallon Severe Weather Attenuation Basin (SWAB) to reduce wet weather sanitary sewer overflows.
  • A $27.5 million upgrade to the primary treatment process at the C. C. Williams WWTP is underway. 


Capacity Assurance Program 
MAWSS uses a Capacity Assurance Program to monitor the available capacity of their wastewater collection and transmission systems. Each request for wastewater service is evaluated to determine if capacity is available to accommodate the additional flows from the customer. Download a Wastewater Capacity Review Application here.

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MAWSS Park Forest Plaza
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