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Come Work for MAWSS

We are so excited that you are considering joining our team. We believe that you can contribute to the success of our business and share our commitment towards achieving our goals. 

The Selection Process 

Civil Service examinations are open to all persons who meet the minimum qualification requirements of education, training, and experience outlined in specific job announcements. The Mobile County Personnel Board conducts examinations. Other qualifications deemed essential to the effective performance of the job may be required as indicated on the official examination announcement. Utilizing job related materials, written and oral examinations are conducted by means of performance testing and the objective evaluation of training and experience. 

After successfully going through the selection process, the eligible candidates are placed on an official "employment register" in rank order from highest to lowest, based upon their final average as a result of each examination. 


How Do I Apply?

You may apply online at 
Mobile County Personnel Department: 

Mobile County Personnel Board
1809 Government Street
P. O. Box 66794 Mobile, AL 36660 
Telephone Number - (251) 470-7727 
Fax Number - (251) 470-1708 

The personnel board accepts all applications for employment with MAWSS, except applications for Unskilled Laborer and Contract positions. 

Classified Positions

Applications for classified positions may be obtained online at the Personnel Board's web address All applications must be submitted on or prior to the announced closing date contained in the official examination announcement.

Unskilled Laborer Positions

Applicants interested in Unskilled Laborer positions or current positions can click click here.


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