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Strategic Plan

STrategic Plan

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From our leadership

To the staff, customers, and stakeholders of Mobile Area Water and Sewer System:

Our team has worked diligently to develop a balanced, equitable plan to meet the needs and address the challenges of our organization and community going forward. It is our intent that this Vision 2026 strategic plan defines actions that result in maximum benefit to our customers and stakeholders. We desire to eliminate obstacles to internal efficiency affecting our team members and build a culture of continuous improvement, diversity, and inclusivity.

While this plan outlines overall strategic goals for the organization, we want to “connect the dots” so that each stakeholder recognizes the relationship and interaction of every component within the strategic plan – from the overarching mission, vision, and values all the way through to individual contributors. For MAWSS to achieve its strategic goals and meet any challenges ahead, it will be vital for all team members to understand where we are headed and how to contribute to the successful implementation of our strategic plan.

The plan contained herein is the basis for our continued work and the foundation for our coordinated improvement efforts leading to the achievement of our goals. At the conclusion of our Vision 2026 strategic plan, we believe that MAWSS will be a model utility to create and protect resources for future generations. We strive to be one of the most respected water suppliers in our country well into the 21st century.

I wish to thank everyone involved in the strategic planning initiative for their work, their support, their vision, and their constructive feedback which has resulted in a plan that we believe will transform our organization. Let’s continue to work together as a team today for a better tomorrow.

Bud McCrory
Water & Sewer Director


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