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Our Mission:
MAWSS will protect and enhance the health, safety and economic well being of our community through responsible management of water resources, while providing superior customer service.

Our Vision:
MAWSS will become a model utility to create and protect resources for future generations. We will lead our industry and provide services to accommodate regional economic development and growth.

Our Values:
Environment: We are guardians of the environment and honor this great responsibility by ensuring that our actions reflect our resolve to protect the health of the environment.

Customer Service: 
We are servants of the community and make every effort to fulfill this privilege by placing our customers first in all that we do.

Trust is the foundation of relationships. We strive to understand and rely on each other as we build strong teams and partners.

We acknowledge, respect, and promote the well-being professional development of our employees because they are the heart of our organization.

We weave virtue, honesty, sincerity, and acceptance of duty into our daily effort so that integrity is the banner of our commitment.

Continuous Improvement: 
We always seek to improve our organization and ourselves because the community deserves the best we can offer.



Today's Hours

Call Center: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Lobby Hours (Kiosk Only): 8:00AM - 4:30PM

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Emergencies 24/7/365


Main Office Address

MAWSS Park Forest Plaza
4725 Moffett Road
Mobile, AL 36618