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How to Read Your Meter

Reading Your Meter

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the meter-box lid. Then flip the meter lens cap to expose the meter face.
  • Dirt may need to be removed to expose the meter dial. The meter face will look similar to this image.
  • To determine if the meter has been misread, copy down the numbers on the meter's register. (The register looks similar to a car odometer.)
  • Compare the numbers on the register to your "Present Reading" on your water bill. The reading from the register should be equal to or higher than the "Present Reading."
  • If the reading on the meter is lower than the reading listed on your bill, the meter may have been misread. 
  • If the meter reading is substantially higher than the reading on your bill, there may be a water leak.

If you think there is a leak

Step one in tracking down a leak is to read your meter.

  • First, make sure there’s no water running—that includes the washing machine, dishwasher and sprinkler—then check your meter.
  • If the dial on the meter is moving, you’ve got an obvious leak.
  • Even if you can’t see the dial moving, you could still have a small, slow leak.
  • To check, write down the number on the meter before you go to bed.
  • Then, before anyone uses water in the morning,  check the number again. Also, remember to turn your ice maker off in the refrigerator.
  • If it’s different, you’ve got a water leak.

MAWSS will be happy to send someone out to re-read your meter. If our reading proves to be accurate, a $40 fee will be charged for this service. Customers may also re-read the meter themselves. 

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