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YES! MAWSS offers an irrigation meter that measures water that is only used for outdoor activities. Since this water doesn’t enter the sanitary sewer system, you’re not charged for sewer service. For most customers, the initial fee to install the meter is $540. Most customers recoup that fee quickly and benefit from the savings. For more information, view Irrigation/Meters.

Anything past the property line/meter is out of MAWSS’ jurisdiction.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility.

The quickest way is to complete the form online thru MAWSS’ website under “Pay, Start or Change Your MAWSS Account/Order Irrigation Meter”.  Other options are email, fax, mail or coming by our office. Visit our Irrigation Meter page.


It can take up to 5-7 business days for an irrigation meter to be installed.

No.  It will be left in the “off” position.

No.  It will be on your current bill as a second line item.

A new tap comes directly off of MAWSS’ main water line in the ROW, and is placed at the property line.  A double head comes off the service line that currently serves the domestic meter and is placed beside the domestic meter.

Yes, if the meter is a 5/8” meter and is in neutral ground with no sidewalk or driveway cuts required, it will be $470.00 to move it.

See Policy, Section 3.11 – Meter Relocation.

MAWSS’ meter sizes range from a 5/8” meter to a 12” meter. View document with meter sizes and charges.

For water, it is based on meter size.  For sewer, in most areas, it is based on acreage.  There are additional capacity or impact fees associated with each service.  There is a one-time capacity assurance application fee for new developments, based on what that development will be. Contact Mapping/Connection at 251-694-3155.

No.  It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain, install and maintain a grinder pump.

MAWSS does not keep records of water and sewer lines beyond the meter or clean out at the street.

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