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Transfer Service

This request involves turning off water at a current service location and requesting water service at a new location.

  • All requests to turn water service off are processed on the next business day or later.
  • In order to request a transfer of your residential service, a lease or deed may be required, along with another utility.
  • Your present account must not be delinquent.
  • Additional information may be required such as proof of service from another utility.
  • The service charge is $60 for next business day or later.

To prevent the possibility of flooding, MAWSS requires someone to be at the premises to sign a service ticket indicating it is safe to turn on water on private property.

  • If no one is present, the meter will be installed and left in the "off" position, with instructions on how customers may turn the water on themselves at the meter. 
  • A $60 service charge will apply if an additional trip is required by MAWSS to connect or turn on the service.

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