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Treatment Plant Operator Trainee Program

The MAWSS Treatment Plant Operator Trainee program is designed to prepare current trainees and employees for a career as a Treatment Plant Operator. This program will address the educational requirements of both operators working in the water, wastewater treatment, and current Treatment Plant Operator trainees. These employees will learn basic administration operation, maintenance of drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, distribution and collection systems. MAWSS will provide the highest level of training and encourage all employees to continue their education to enhance their knowledge of Water and Wastewater operations and processes. Upon completion of the program, the employee should be able to do the following: 

  • Describe the principles of chemistry, physics, and bacteriology. 
  • Discuss the basic principles involved for fluids in motion. 
  • Identify the various sampling procedures and the methods used to obtain the sample for the physical test of wastewater. 
  • Apply the common methods of operating various types of equipment to test, treat, and process raw water. 
  • Describe the operation and maintenance of the primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment stages of wastewater. 
  • Explain how wastewater is generated, collected, and transported. 

Requirements: Treatment Plant Operator Trainees are required to complete all curriculum path hours of training. If a Trainee receives his/her certification before completing their curriculum path hours of training, they will continue on to the next level of training as a Treatment Plant Operator I. 

Testing: Treatment Plant Operator Trainees are required to take their first test within the first 6 months of hire. If the Trainee fails the first test, the second test must be taken within the next 18 months of hire. 

Cost: MAWSS will ONLY pay for the first 2 exams. If the Trainee fails both exams, then he/she will be responsible for the cost of any exam taken after the second exam 


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